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WEIKAI 2018 group travel to Japan
Date:2018-04-16 11:01 Traffic:
In order to encourage company employees to broaden their horizons, relax their minds, and better engage in future work, WEIKAI held the 2018 tourism event in April. This year, we held a luxury cruise trip which is 6 days from Shanghai to Fukuoka to Nagasaki to Shanghai in Japan.
In April 4, 2018, such a pleasant spring day with comfortable breeze, all the colleagues, with a happy mood, took the bus at the gate of the company to embark on the cruise together. According to the journey, the first stop of the cruise ship arrived in Fukuoka, Japan. Under the guidance of the tour guide, everyone visited the scenic spots such as Youshan Ranch, Ohori Park and Fukuoka Castle Ruins, Life Museum, Duty Free Shop, etc., where you can taste the freshly collected and process milk and ice cream, watch the beautiful natural scenery, witness the weeping willows swaying in the wind by the poolside, the beautiful rhododendrons with beautiful flowers, the wide lakes, the verdant grass, the small bridges and the flowing water, and appreciate the local conditions and customs of Japan.

WEIKAI 2018 group travel to Japan
Company Group Photo - Nagasaki
 The second stop is Nagasaki, where we visited famous scenic spots such as Goddess Bridge, Tian Ceramic Park and Nagasaki Zhonghua Street. There, we enjoyed the "Wings of Venus" and the stele of "Xindi Zang Trace", the former site of Chinese merchants' warehouse, and fully felt the comfortable travel and leisure life.    
During the cruise, everyone obeyed the instructions of the tour guide and team leader, coordinated the trip, and helped each other. For example, the company's representatives actively participated in the "Indiana Jones" mini game and won the first and second prize; in addition, our employees also participated in activities such as karts and live-action CS shooting games. It showed the team spirit of our employees. 
WEIKAI 2018 group travel to Japan
Departmental Style Exhibition
This cruise trip to Japan allowed everyone to appreciate the natural scenery of Japan, to enjoy the traveling and have a relax.At the same time, to feel the warmth and care of the company, which improved the cohesion of the team. Everyone said: "The tourism liberated us from busy work and truly realized the combination of work and rest. On the one hand, it is beneficial to health and ambition, on the other hand, it is a good mobilization of the enthusiasm of employees, and we will create greater glories for the company with a more positive mental outlook!"  
Through the team travel, all the WEIKAI employees devote to the future work with full of passion. “One day , I will be in the waves in full speed , to Show my own aspirations . Hanging my sailcloth up, going across the sea, I will achieve my dream”. Let us ride the long wind to break through the thousands of miles of waves, hang up the sails of clouds, cross the sea, and work together to realize the grand vision of WEIKAI!
WEIKAI 2018 group travel to Japan
Company group photo-cruise