Chairman's speech

Entering a new era and embarking on a new journey.
WEIKAI is a young and mature, robust and energetic high-tech enterprises. Weikai is a young and mature, robust and energetic high-tech enterprise, with independent scientific research and development and technical support as the leading technical service enterprise, through independent research and development, production, marketing, supply chain management, talent construction and other multi-directional operation management to create overall value. Its subsidiaries include Shanghai Weikai optoelectronics new materials Co.,Ltd., Shanghai Chengying New Materials Co., Ltd., Shanghai Chengying Industrial Co., Ltd., Shanghai Chengying Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Chengying New Materials Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Chengying New Materials Co., Ltd. Among them, many enterprises have won national and municipal honors such as "Key High-tech Enterprise of the National Torch Plan ", "Science and Technology Giant Enterprise of Shanghai", "Patent Incubation Enterprise of Shanghai" and so on. The company adheres to the principle of "Your success, my development; Your excellence, my leap "of the enterprise culture idea, condensed the numerous R&D and management personnel, on the basis of the traditional tobacco packaging product innovation actively, develop and win the circuit board industry highly consistent with the new material products. The company has achieved excellent results in Li-ion batteries packaging, optical fiber coating materials and solar backsheet adhesive coating. In a market environment where opportunities and challenges coexist, WEIKAI and every employee will steadily take every step, continue to innovate, seek common development, and create brilliance together!