Team strength

R&D team
WEIKAI has a team that focuses on technology research and is equipped with high-tech research equipment. At present, the company has a R&D team of 150 people, among them over 70% are masters and doctors. The R&D department is rated “Shanghai Enterprise Technology Center”,which has a laboratory of about 10000m2 and complete analysis and testing equipment.
The company relies on high-performance product formulations and stable resin synthesis production technology, has continuously products some more competitive products. With the company's technical support team, the products can meet customer needs in terms of performance, cost and service.

Communication and cooperation
WEIKAI adheres to the innovation path of“associated research and development”.With independent innovation as the main task and Industry-University-Research Collaboration as assist, WEIKAI has successively build an Industry-University-Research Collaboration relationship with universities such as Shanghai Jiaotong University、Sun Yat-sen University、 East China University of Science and Technology、Donghua University. Carrying out research and development innovation based on their respective advantages, WEIKAI has built “Academician Professor Enterprise Workstation of Shanghai”and “Shanghai Postdoctoral Innovation Base”,etc.

Scientific research achievements
◆ More than 100 authorized invention patents (2 patents each in Japan and the United States, 1 patent each in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong)
◆ 3 key projects of the National Torch Program
◆ 1 national key new product
◆ 7 projects of Shanghai high-tech achievements transformation, among them, 1 was rated as “TOP 100”.