Brightening coating

"Chengying" brand brightening coating is independently researched and developed by our company. The coating film has high brightness gain, good adhesion, and wide process adaptability. The product covers wide range, including two categories of normal glue and QQ glue, and it does not contain solvents, which is environmentally friendly.      

Main feature:
High refractive index, high brightness, high light transmittance
QQ glue products have excellent scratch resistance and resilience
Antistatic, easy to process, good stability

Main application:
Used to produce Brightness Enhance Film-one of the key components of LCD backlight module.
It is widely used in small-size products such as mobile phones, digital cameras, and navigators, as well as LCD backlight modules for medium and large-size products such as tablet computers, computers, and TVs.

Application cases:
Brightening coating