SA651B/ CA-N6 Adheisve

SA651B/CA-N6 is a solvent-based two-component adhesive that needs to be used with hardener CA-N6. Mainly use various film materials and bond with plastic substrates and metal substrates, and have high peel strength  and boiling resistance.

一、Basic data

Item SA651B(Adhesive) CA-N6(Hardener)
Solid content(%) 50±2 75±2
Solvent Ethyl acetate Ethyl acetate
Rotational viscosity(25℃ mpa.s) 1000-2000 1200-2000
Mix ratio 100 4
二、Application precess
1. Dilution: It is recommended to dilute the hardener with solvent first. Before use the adhesive, please stir evenly frist, then weight and dilute.
2. Dry coating weight:Suggested coating dry weight 7-9 g/m2(Adjust according to usage)
3. Drying temperature:suggested drying temperature80-100℃,according to the drying situation;
4. Compound temperature:suggested compound temperature 60-100℃;
5. Curing condition:Suggested curing temperature 50-60℃,curing time 2-3 days。

1. Avoid moisture and keep dry;
2. It is recommended to use up the ingredients within 4 hoursafter stirring.
3. The diluent can be ethyl acetate or butanone with moisture content of no more than 0.2%; ethanol and other alcohol solvents with active hydrogen cannot be used;