Aluminum plastic film for li-i

Primary adhesive

High performance VP118

VP118 is a high-performance primary adhesive with hardener CA-P2 and Al/CPP as the bonding object. It has high bonding strength, heat and humidity resistance, heat resistance and deep drawing resistance, suitable for power li-ion batteries product. Basic data:
Item VP118(Adhesive) CA-P2(Hardener)
Solid content(%) 18 50
Mix ratio 100 3.6
Viscosity(mPa.s 25℃) 80±30 20±10
Expiration date(Not opened) 180 days 180 days

Gerenal typeVP318

VP318 is gerenal type primary adhesive, match with hardener CA-P2,wihch is suitable for 3C li-ion battery. Basic data:
Item VP318(Adhesive) CA-P2(Hardener)
Solid content (%) 18 50
Mix ratio 100 3.6
Viscosity(mPa.s 25℃) 90±30 20±10
Expiration date(Not opened) 180 days 180 days
Application process
1) Coating dry weight:Suggested coating dry weight between 3~4g/m2
2) Drying temperature:Suggested drying temperature 80-100℃,according to the drying situation;
3) Compound temperature:Suggested compound temperature 80-100℃
4)Curing condition:Suggested curing temperature 55-60℃,curing time 5-7days.

Test method
1) Peeling strength: 180°peeling, machine speed 300mm/min, record the average test value
2) Corrosion resistance: Add 0.1% water to LiPF6 electrolyte, then soak 15mm wide sample in it, place for a specified time to test the peel strength
3) Heat sealing performace:cut 15mm wide sample,seal with 190℃*1s*0.4MPa,to test the heat sealing strength, and observe the equivalence.

Competitive products performance comparison
Products Pealing strength(N/15mm)) Electrolyte resistance performance(N/15mm) Heating sealing performance(N/15mm) Heat sealing equivalent performance(%)
VP118 ≥13/22 ≥12/15 ≥64 100
VP318 ≥13/20 ≥11.5/12 ≥64 90
Imported products ≥13/20 ≥11/11 ≥65 100
Domestic products ≥11/18 ≥10/10 ≥55 60
Packing specification