Transparent adhesive

Physical feature

Test items PA-3029(Adhesive) PA-900(Hardener)
Solid content(%) 50±2 100%
Solvent Ethyl acetate None
Viscosity(25℃,mpa.s) 50-200 1750-3250
Mixing ratio 100 4


Features and advantages

Suitable for dry compounding of various substrates such as polyester film, fluorine film, polyolefin film, etc.
High initial strength after curing
Can be used in long-term high temperature and high humidity environment
The fastness of EVA composite adhesive layer does not decrease after thermal encapsulation
Excellent resistance to UV yellowing


Application process

Coating method

Suitable for mainstream coating methods such as mesh rolls, blades, extrusion, etc.

Drying temperature

Suggested temperature 80-100℃,according to drying situation

Coating dry weight

8-10g/m2 is suggested.

Maturation conditions

For 50-60℃ suggested mature time is 2-3 days,Can be adjusted and customized according to customer process