White coating

Physical feature

Test items PF650(Adhesive) PA-9001(Hardener)
Solid content(%) 60±2 100%
Shear viscosity(25℃. mpa.s) 50-300 1750-3250
Mixing ratio 100 4.8

Features and advantages

Excellent adhesion to PET film
Excellent peel strength with EVA after lamination
String aging resistance
Gloss can be customized

Application process

Coating method

Suitable for mainstream coating methods such as mesh rolls, blades, extrusion, etc.

Drying temperature

Suggested temperature 150℃,according to drying situation

Coating dry weight

4-8 g/m2 is suggested .

Maturation conditions

For 50-60℃ suggested mature time is 2-3 days,Can be adjusted and customized according to customer process