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Passion makes us who we are
Date:2018-12-07 11:08 Traffic:
----The fifteenth WEIKAI Chairman's meeting room
In order to help new employees to grow up rapidly, Chairman Yu listened to the employee’s inner voice, and held the 15th "Chairman's Meeting Room" at Luoxingge Hotel in Jiashan, Zhejiang on November 30. The meeting room was presided over by Mr. Yu, the chairman of Weikai Optoelectronics. It was organized around the theme of "The Third Entrepreneurship". Nearly 30 new employees from the company participated and had face-to-face exchanges with the chairman.                                                                   
Meeting starts, Chairman Yu made an opening speech: First of all, welcome to join WEIKAI. Today, we hold the fifteenth WEIKAI Chairman's meeting room, this platform can help me to understand your thoughts and appealing, at the same time, to help our employees have a better understanding to WEIKAI. I hope we can speak out freely. During the meeting, Everybody made a self introduction, and communicate about the achievements and storage during work, therefore, colleagues have a further understanding. Later on, Chairman Yu  told us about the development of WEIKAI, from his first entrepreneurship to his third entrepreneurship, which gave young people inspiring and experience. In addition, WEIKAI has always been committed to cultivating talents, and has unique talent training concept and training mechanism. We hope that everyone can be nurtured, shoulder greater responsibilities, and become a person who can work independently. Chairman Yu’s speech made all the employees had a better understanding to the company, also increased everybody’s confidence, and improved everybody’s motivation.

Passion makes us who we are
General manager Yu speaks
In the afternoon, we hold a group discuss, based on the topics “The advantages and disadvantages of WEIKAI and improvement measures” “How to achieve success in WEIKAI”. During the discuss, Yin xue, Mao Wenxuan, Chen chaolun, Wang Luxin, Wu Xian, Deng Lintao, Guo Ziqi, Fu Yongchao made a speech respectively as representatives. The company has a good working atmosphere, flexible working hours, there are a large number of high-quality talents, as well as long-term development strategy and very broad prospect. Though, there are some deficiency in the company system and promotion. Everyone put forward their own suggestions. 

Passion makes us who we are
Mao Wenxuan made a speech
Chairman Yu listened to everyone’s suggestions, and made a summary:”As the company grows, there are some shortcomings in communication, and the organization will be strengthened in the future to enhance cooperation;On the other hand, the company has always adhered to a down-to-earth style, humble and modest, and won good reputation; At last, employees should strive for success in the company from three aspects: height, depth and breadth."
Chairman's Meeting Room makes everyone had a close contact with chairman of the board, which they can speak and discuss freely, mobilize the enthusiasm of employees. WEIKAI is now in the progress of the third entrepreneurship, which adheres to the development concept of “Your success, my development; Your excellence, my leap” and provides many opportunities and platform for the employees to grow up. WEIKAI encourages new employees to seize opportunities, meet challenges, realize their self-worth, and at the same time contribute to the company's development, and make the company to a new high level.