OP Protection Coatings

The “CHENGYING” brand of OP metal protection series of coatings that our company produced are widely applied in medicine packaging. With good transparence, high heat resistance,good adhesion,  the series of products can be applied to aluminum foil of the PTP medicine foil during the medicine production.

Usage for OP Metal Protection Coatings 
1) Improve the resistance to acid and alkali corrosion of aluminum foil, prevent oxidation and deterioration of the surface of aluminum foil, and extend the shelf life of medicines;
2) Prevent the outer layer of ink from contacting with the inner layer of adhesive and sticking when the aluminum foil is rewinding, and the residual ink will contaminate the medicine;
3) Prevent the ink layer from wearing or falling off, and improve the brightness of the aluminum foil surface.

Application Process
1)Environment of the workshop:Temperature between 15- 25℃,relative humidity (RH) between 45-60%;
2) Drying temperature: 90-190℃ gradient drying temperature is adopted to ensure that the upper limit of the temperature for the middle two sections reaches 180-190℃;
3) Coating machine speed: 40-60m/min is recommended, adjusted according to drying efficiency;
4) Coating dry weight: 140-160 mesh electric engraving roller is recommended, and the coating dry weight is 0.8-1g.

Products Solid Content%
Viscosity s
Product features
OP-1302 25±2% 41±5 No benzene, odorless, low easy oxide, low VOC, high temperature resistance, printable
OP-1306 25±2% 15±2 No benzene, no smell, low easy oxide, low VOC, high temperature resistance, no yellowing
OP-2303 25±2% 13±1 No benzene, no smell, low easy oxide, high temperature resistance, low VOC
No yellowing, solvent resistance, can be dried at low temperature
OP-W601D 25±2% 12±1 Water-based, environmentally friendly, low odor, high temperature resistance