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Persist in green and innovation, promote high-quality development in the Yangtze River Delta
Date:2018-07-05 11:03 Traffic:
——The vice chairman Shen Yongming led a team to investigate the City-Industry Integration in Jiangsu
                                                                                                                                                                    Writer:Zhao Dongling    Zhao Lingchao(Minhang District CPPCC)
On July 5th,  the vice chairman Shen Yongming of Minhang district CPPCC, led the members of  the City-Industry Integration topics visited our our production base in Linjiang industrial area, Haimen---Jiangsu Chengying New materials Co.,Ltd, to invest the development of City-Industry Integration
In Haimen Science and Technology Park, Shen Yongming listened to the introduction of XuJun, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Linjiang New District. The planning of the park follows the principle of specialization and quality, gathers the scientific research headquarters, business office, science and education expo, exhibition service, and technology forum. Relying on Chongming and high-quality ecological resources along the river, actively build a biomedical industry. At the same time, considering the needs of humanity, exploring the development of industrial parks in the direction of green towns, advocating to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, return to nature, and merge life and work together. 
Persist in green and innovation, promote high-quality development in the Yangtze River Delta
 Minhang District CPPCC members visited Linjiang Science and Technology Park in Jiangsu
The chairman of WEIKAI, member of Minhang District CPPCC, Mr Yu Mingdong made a brief introduction of our company. WEIKAI committed to the research, development and sales of special functional surface treatment materials in the field of new materials, mainly covering new energy, optoelectronics, optical communications, special packaging and other fields. By adhering to the business development path of "innovation-driven, transformation and development", our products are gradually transformed into the direction of high technology and high value-added. At the same time, the "Yangtze River Delta" economic integration concept is used to build the "Chengying" brand into the famous trademark in Shanghai and contributes to the development of the regional economy. 
Persist in green and innovation, promote high-quality development in the Yangtze River Delta
Minhang District CPPCC members visited Jiangsu Chengying New materials Co.,Ltd 
During the investigation, Mr Shen Yongming pointed out, we gained a lot from the investigation.  Although Minhang’s City-Industry Integration started early, but its development encountered bottlenecks. Minhang District Party Committee and Government attache great importance to this work and have formulated a general plan for 2035 to lay out the urban development through the "One District, Two Belts" model. City-Industry Integration is not only the business of the industrial park, but also the business of the whole Minhang district, even can spread to the entire Shanghai and the surroundings of Yangtze River Delta. In addition, while integrating external hardware, we should pay more attention to internal integration and think about how to integrate schools, parks, and communities. We cannot do it alone. We must break the walls and form a whole. This is the future development of City-Industry Integration.
During the discussion, some committee members also expressed their views on the development of  City-Industry Integration in Minhang.

Persist in green and innovation, promote high-quality development in the Yangtze River Delta
CPPCC members of Minhang District discussing with secretary Xu of Linjiang Science and Technology Park
CPPCC member Fang Jialiang said, City-Industry Integrationcan support each other with characteristic town. Minhang can make good use of Pujiang Town B&B and other resources, speed up the construction of characteristic town, create work, life, entertainment and other systems to complete integration of space, and truly achieve the integration of industry and city.
 CPPCC member Chen Jia said, it is necessary to promote the construction of characteristic towns with the idea of City-Industry Integration, not only to retain people, but also to attract people. It is necessary to promote the formation of a small town and maintain its vitality through marketization.
 CPPCC member Yu Mingdong said, currently, Shanghai lacks high scientific and technology enterprise.  China's future economic growth depends on scientific innovation. Chinese government should encourage and help young people to start businesses through City-Industry Integration. Enterprises should also take the initiative to release more vitality through scientific research and innovation and seek more opportunities in the market.