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Be a dedicated and good employee
Date:2018-07-31 11:05 Traffic:
Contribute to the job, fulfill the duty and achieve good results
Writer:Zhao Dongling
Do one's work to love, do one's work to be loyal. WEIKAI’s staff in their own positions, maintain a good attitude, due diligence, continuously improve and break through, which creates a good environment and atmosphere of love and dedication in WEIKAI.
Niu Huinan, as the technical manager of Google department, mainly responsible for four projects such as hardening project, transfer printing project, composite laser project and PPA project, and successfully completed various tasks under the help and guidance of the company leaders. Stabilizing the original product series, introducing the formula system, reducing the cost, and promoting the extension of research and development strength; Providing targeted technical guidance to new employees, letting them be familiar with the UV hardening product line, understanding the customer process and common customer complaints; Cooperating with sales to expand the application range of products, optimizing the formula to make the cat's eye coating meet the VOC requirements of cigarette packets, facilitating the cat's eye coating from the field of wine packets into the cigarette packet industry; At the same time, solving the problem of PET matte coating resistant to nail scraping, developed a high wear resistance and high water antenna coating (5000 times/steel velvet); He also further expanded the product line, developed PU foam anti-stick coating, screened high tensile resin raw materials, enriched the UV raw material library, and undertook the research and development of light fiber paste project with the accumulation of research and development experience. 

Be a dedicated and good employee
Manager Niu said:“I will keep an eye on the progress of each project, coordinate the research and development work within the group, coordinate the relationship between team members, conduct the performance assessment of the members, communicate with sales to promote the products of each project team, coordinate the project team to provide timely technical services in the face of customer complaints, and discuss effective solutions. With the increase of new projects, there will be some difficulties at work, and the motivation will depend on the pressure. I believe that I can solve them in a relatively stable way through the efforts of myself and the team members.
Han Lian, the product manager of Google department, she has been working in WEIKAI for 11 years. From transferring products to UV products, from thermoplastic products to thermosetting products, from dealing with customers' production problems hasty and disorderly to dealing with different customers' production problems in an orderly and reasonable manner, she has become a technical engineer who can work independently. In terms of research and innovation, she has developed BH generation products and FL products which are suitable for gravure printing; In technical services, she has been dedicated in tobacco packaging and related industry for many years, and accumulated a large number of rich and valuable experience. She can quickly and efficiently solve the problem of all kinds of customer complaint, and won customer trust, thus effectively assist sales colleagues to maintain stability of old customers, and developed a lot of new customers!

Be a dedicated and good employee
Manager Han said:“There is no shortcut to success, there are also no shortcuts to improving competence and skills, accumulating and expanding relevant experience in the industry, and gradually winning customers' recognition and satisfaction. As long as we do our best at work, conscientious, steadfast, optimistic, do not afraid of difficulties, dare to challenge new things, do not afraid of hardship, persevere, resist pressure and frustration, make good use of existing resources, and be able to serve others, and solve problems.etc. I believe that we will achieve success finally! "
To shape a good company culture, means loyalty first, hard work, new ideals and new journeys. Everyone in WEIKAI will take Niu Huinan and Han Lian as examples, to side the whip, challenge themselves, and create brilliance together!